Crackdown 3

I must say I was pretty reticent about trying this game, after all the bad critics out there, but I gave it a try as I had it for free under Xbox’s Game Pass. First of all, the downgrade it received since we last saw it on conventions has been really drastic. Maybe they couldn’t […]

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Pokemon Let’s Go

Pokemon Let’s Go was probably the most expected Pokemon game since the very first one of the saga. That being said, once players realised that it was a mix of Pokemon RPG and Pokemon Go, they suddenly began to feel it wasn’t their Pokemon game. Today I will discuss some of the design flaws and […]

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Diablo III – Nintendo Switch

Diablo 3 just came out on Nintendo Switch, yet this is just the same port as in the other consoles: Xbox One and Playstation 4. Although the port has several good points, compared to PC version it has also many flaws.   As for controls, Diablo 3 on consoles is far more a rush game, [...]
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